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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  Taking better care of you will take better care of your family, too!

Seated Chair ($1 per minute)

Ideal for the workplace environment.  Helps improve mental clarity and worker productivity, reducing burnout and stress-related absences.  Performed fully clothed, this can be done on a work break or lunch time.  Recommended duration is 10 to 15 minutes. 

Business OwnersThis is a great benefit to offer your employees.  Call or email to get more details or to schedule workday visits.  Your employees will thank you in more ways than one!

Inspirational Relaxation ($35 for 30 minutes; $50 for 60 minutes; and $85 for 90 minutes)

Full-body massage using soft, rhythmic, consistent pressure over the entire body to increase circulation, help relieve pain, relax tight muscles, and lower blood pressure.  Client comfort is of the utmost importance and will be checked throughout the massage to ensure pressure is just right.  NEW CLIENT SPECIAL - $45 FOR A 1-HR MASSAGE!

Inspired Stones ($90 for 60 minutes)

Hot stone massage is performed using the same soft rhythmic strokes while incorporating the smoothest, heated basalt river rocks.  It is ideal for tight, sore muscles, as the heat penetrates deeper into the muscle.  Those with high blood pressure should consult with their family practitioner prior to receiving this service.


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